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Steamed Fish with Scallion and Ginger

Whoa… Chinese New Year is coming tomorrow! Growing up, we usually have a family gathering (and a cookout) the night before. You can call it like Chinese New Year’s eve celebration. So today, I am sharing a recipe, Steamed Fish with Scallion and Ginger. Having a fish is kind of a “must-have” dish for Chinese New

Crispy Deep Fried Grunion

Have you ever heard of grunion run? It refers to the time when the grunions release their eggs. Grunion is one unique fish species, where, during the spawning season, they came out to the beach at night, the females dig out a hole in the sand and lay their eggs in the hole. Then, the

Pan-fried Salmon Lemon Garlic

After my previous post about the super green recipe, Stir-fry Kale with Chicken, now it’s about Salmon recipe (Pan-fried Salmon Lemon Garlic), another super high protein food. Salmon contains very high protein with its high Omega-3 fatty acid and high Vitamin D content. With that, I think it is a very good idea to have