Welcome to my indulgence of home-cooked meal!

Can you tell already that I love food?

Once in a while, I think it’s okay to pig out, devour and enjoy our own homemade meals since we know what goes into the meal if we make it ourselves – in a reasonable portion, of course!

Born and raised in Indonesia, I am by no means an expert in cooking, let alone a professional chef. I taught myself to cook slowly, step-by-step, ever since I landed to the United States to get my college degree. To start, I was only cooking whenever I missed authentic Asian/Indonesian food. The college town that I used to live did not have any Indonesian restaurant and has only a handful of Asian restaurants.

Prior to that, my mom is always the cook in the household and I never really help out in the kitchen. I somewhat regretted now. Back then, I only knew how to cook fried egg, instant noodle and rice – of course, using rice cooker only.

Now that I am a wife and a mom of two beautiful children, cooking is becoming one of the “must-do” task; so I decided – why not create a blog today and make it a fun task. Also, this blog is intended to be as a personal collection of favorite recipes and, hopefully, as a keepsake for my kids so that they have something to refer to when they get older (already thinking something long-term in the future ^.^).

Also, cooking should be fun, creative, and practical. Therefore, you will find some recipes here that are not made “from scratch” or semi-homemade. By that I mean, occasionally, you will find me use pre-made sauce bought from store and develop into a semi-homemade meal. Or even, upgrading my comfort food (a.k.a “instant food”) into their 2.0 versions.

Well, glad to know that you stop by! I do hope that the recipes in this blog can also help you in some sorts. Feel free to give any comment or suggestions. It’s always nice to meet new friends…


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I have no medical or nutritional training background. Therefore, use your own judgment and/or your doctor’s advice in making sure that the food consumed or any ingredients used are best for your health.  Piggy Out is not responsible for any allergy reaction, damage or injury sustained as a result of following any advice or suggestions contained within the content of this blog.