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Century Egg Porridge (皮蛋粥)

Making porridge is a quite simple and easy process despite it’s sophisticated appearance. The key is to have the perfect ratio of rice and water. The ratio depends on your preference. I like to have porridge on a thicker side, so my ratio of 1:6 (1 cup of rice to 6 cup of water) is

Italian Sausage Penne Pasta

I am craving for another pasta meal again. I was thinking to make the classic spaghetti with meatball, but I do not have most of the ingredients. Thus, I just ‘whipped-out’ and made with whatever I have in my pantry and fridge. Voila, the Italian sausage penne pasta is created. It tastes excellent and is

Angel Hair Pasta with Sausage

It’s been quite a hectic day today. I decided to cook something super simple, quick, and easy, yet, still delicious for the family. Today, I made Angel Hair Pasta with Sausage. I chose angel hair because of its delicate texture and it is a perfect choice if you want to pair it with simple light

Cap Cay (Mixed-Vegetables Stir-Fry)

Cap Cay is an Indonesian food with a Chinese influence. It is basically a stir-fry of variety different kinds of vegetables. The name Cap Cay itself originates from a Chinese dialect, Fujian, and means “mixed vegetables”. ‘fraid not, meat lovers… You can also add your favorite meats into the dish, like I always do. It is

Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice with Pork and Tomato)

I’m starting off this blog with a common staple Indonesian breakfast dish, known as “Nasi Goreng”. This is one simple dish to make – especially if you have left over steamed rice from the previous night. Also, you can be creative in putting the ingredients together. I think the key ingredient that differentiates Indonesian fried rice