Category: Vegetable

Simple Spinach Tomato Salad

It’s gonna be healthy meal day, so why not having this Simple Spinach Tomato Salad. Yesterday, we are having a big feast kind of day due to the big game, Super Bowl. Well, we did not really catch on the watching bug, but more like the ‘finger-food’ bug. Yup, my family is the rare one

Red Swiss Chard with Salted Egg

Hm… so I had the “left-over” boiled salted egg white from the previous Salted Egg Butter Shrimp (牛油黃金虾) that I made the other day and I had one bunch of Red Swiss Chard waiting for me to unveil its charm. So, why not put the two together to create a unique dish, Red Swiss Chard

Stir-Fry Kale with Chicken

Kale is another super green that is considered as one of the power-packed nutrients vegetables. You cannot go wrong with Kale if you want to boost up your nutrient intake. For the non-vegetable lover, Kale might be a bit ‘tough’ to love as it has a little bit of bitterness taste. It is best to