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Crunchy Popcorn Chicken

Crunchy Popcorn Chicken is one of my all-time favorite recipe. No matter what time of the day I make this snack/appetizer, it is usually welcomed with wide-open hands from my two little munchkins. They love it because it is crunchy and they can easily grab to go due to its bite-sized form. It is a

Batagor (Indonesian Fried Wonton-Meatball)

Batagor (a.k.a Baso Tahu Goreng), literally means Fried Meatball and Tofu, is a popular appetizer that cannot be missed if you happen to visit Indonesia. It is originally from Bandung and unintentionally invented by Ihsan in 1973. Since the invention, there are so many variations of batagor out there. You can create your own version