Refreshing Chicken Veggie Soup

Brrr.. The weather is very chilling these days. Duh, it’s getting into Fall season now. But, this year’s fall season is remarkably colder to us than previous couple of years. We just moved to Seattle area from Southern California where it usually has way milder fall temperature compare to Washington state area. Don’t want to even think

Pork Bone Soup with Bean Curd Skin and Meatball

I almost forgot about the dry bean curd skin or tofu skin that I got about two weeks ago. Good thing(s) always come after doing bunch of cleaning, or organizing, hahaha… literally, you can find some items that were misplaced, hidden by your kids or just completely forgotten. You know what I mean. Think of

Crunchy Popcorn Chicken

Crunchy Popcorn Chicken is one of my all-time favorite recipe. No matter what time of the day I make this snack/appetizer, it is usually welcomed with wide-open hands from my two little munchkins. They love it because it is crunchy and they can easily grab to go due to its bite-sized form. It is a

Garlic Vinegar Chili Sauce

I finally got my aunt’s infamous Garlic Vinegar Chili sauce because of the comment from one of my readers that trigger me to ask for it. I never really thought of asking or even writing this down before, because… I never really have the need to make it. My aunt likes to make a lot